At Eco we are as concerned about the environment and the health of our forests and citizens as we are about making a profit. That's why we have created our products and company initiatives to reflect this concern. Here are some of the ways we are contributing to a healthier planet. i

1. All Eco Products are Eco-Friendly
Eco Shield Protected Lumber offers eco-friendly building lumber components without the use of hazardous chemicals or formaldehyde. Environmentally-friendly solids are locked into the wood protecting it from natural enemies like moisture, mold, wood-rot, termites and fire.

2. Eco Products meet stringent industry indoor air quality certifications.
Our protective lumber coatings are certified for children and school indoor air quality.

3. Mold Protection
Eco Shield Protected Lumber is protected from moisture and mold. Black mold births mycotoxins, which if airborne, can compromise air quality in a home, school or commercial property. This mold is toxic to humans.

4. Clean Job Sites
Eco promotes clean job sites. Our buildings have less job site waste and storm water run-off associated with the use of concrete.

5. Eco Products are Sustainable
Building with protected lumber and seismic wall systems is the smart and responsible way to build with lumber - extending its life while providing new standards for safety.

6. Eco Products Promote Good Forestry
Our protective lumber coatings extend the life of lumber thus reducing the demand on our forests.


Additional Hazards Associated with Your Home

Many people are alarmed to learn that asbestos still exists in nearly 80% of structures built prior to 1980, including most of the homes we live and raise families in. Asbestos use was strictly regulated since the late 1970's, but that does not apply to older products that still remain in many homes and other buildings. For that reason it is important for homeowners to be aware of where asbestos may occur in the home and what you should do in the event it presents a hazard. Airborne asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma cancer in some people.

Asbestos was used primarily as an insulation material. It could be used on its own, but it was much more likely to be included in some type of mixture or compound where it could lend its insulation properties to more materials. Asbestos fibers are flexible and microscopic, which made it easy to include in thousands of different consumer and industrial products. Please click on the picture below to learn more about asbestos in your home.

Asbestos in the Home

Image courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.



We promote clean job sites. Our buildings have less job site waste and very little storm water run-off (from concrete) which is drastically affecting our coastlines, waterways and wildlife.


This lumber has been acceptable to contractors and even building officials for years because the removal of it has never been written into any code. At Eco Building Products we are establishing a new industry standard for building with lumber as demonstrated by our indoor air quality certifications.