Why ECO?

Check out what the NAHB has to say about Mold! And maybe they're in need of an update to inlclude wet lumber. CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD


Black Mold

Black mold grows when lumber is stored outside waiting to be used. This mold doesn't need a flood to grow mycotoxins, it can birth them at 30% humidity - mycotoxins that can get in your ventilation system that can cause allergies and even poison a human. Eco Red Shield™ Protection will not allow it to grow behind your walls as a silent killer.



Termites are the silent killer that costs US homeowners billions of dollars in repairs annually. Termite damage cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. Once termites infest a home the only solution is tent it. Of course, then you are exposing your home to toxins from the pesticides. In any event, termites are a serious problem and something to consider when building your new home.



Water is usually the root of all evil when it comes to lumber problems in your home. Wet lumber swells, bows and expands - which  can cause cosmetic as well as structural damage. Wet lumber also is the ideal place to grow mold which is toxic to humans.


Green Lumber

Being 'green' isn't always a good thing. Green, or freshly processed lumber, contains high levels of moisture and therefore grows mold at a rapid rate. Builders and contractors around the world are using this lumber when quite honestly - they shouldn't be. Mold is not only unhealthy for humans it's also not good for lumber. Over time mold turns into wood-rot - actually destroying the wood fibers and load carrying capabiities in the process.



Fire causes more damage annually to homes in the US than earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes combined. Most fires are started by accidents or product failure of some kind - and wildfires are a danger to many folks here in the West.  Smoke inhalation is the most deadly part of any fire - especially in a home.



Flood water from tropical storms, tidal surges and rising rivers are becoming more common all over the world. Flood water can be devastating for a home and the lumber it's built with.



Earthquakes and even minor seismic movement can have a major effect on structures built with brick and mortar.


Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

The water and high-winds associated with a hurricane or tropical storm are what make them so dangerous to homes and the lumber they are bult with.





This lumber has been acceptable to contractors and even building officials for years because the removal of it has never been written into any code. At Eco Building Products we are establishing a new industry standard for building with lumber as demonstrated by our indoor air quality certifications.