The Eco Shelter is a customizable pre-engineered structure, that comes pre-cut and ready to assemble with hammer and nails – making it ideal for rapid response relief housing, events, offices, meeting halls, medical clinics and more. An entry level Eco Shelter can be assembled in no time - we timed two experienced carpenters and in just over 33 minutes the entire structure is framed and ready for trim. In under 2 hours the entire shelter is finished and ready for paint. 

Relief Shelter of Choice. Unlike on-site jobs, all Eco Shelters are built in a quality-controlled factory setting, and are constructed completely out of Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber.  The Eco Shelter is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds of 165mph, earthquakes and is protected from mold, termites and fire. We are proving Eco Shelter is the smartest choice when it comes to pre-engineered kit structures - Eco Shelter is durable, cost-effective and completely customizable.

Waterproof like a Boat. In addition to being constructed out of Eco's Red Shield protected lumber, Eco Shelters receive a protective coating of Eco Disaster BreakTM. Eco Disaster Break is a Class-A Fire Rated, UV Resistant, high performance, non-toxic, acrylic coating that forms a waterproof and seamless monolithic membrane. When applied to Eco Red Shield™ protected wood surfaces, EDB™ forms the most advanced defensive construction assembly available against water penetration, fire ignition, mold, rot and termites.

Eco Shelter Testimonial


After being here in the Philippines and seeing the devastation first hand, along with attending several housing meetings; I’ve found that your shelters are the only ones that meet all the required needs. They can be rapidly deployed and quickly assembled by the local workers bringing badly needed relief to the displaced victims.

The benefits of Eco shelters over others is that they are seismic resistant and can withstand the newly revised 165 mph wind load requirements. Also that all the lumber is treated with Red Shield making it resistant to fire, mold, mildew, rot and termites which is necessary for these shelters to be sustainable in harsh weather conditions. In addition the exterior is completely sealed with a seamless, green, water-based product that waterproofs all the surfaces with an EPA Energy Star Rated approved roof coating. This coating being highly solar reflective will keep the occupants cooler and contribute to their overall wellbeing. The same product is Class - A fire rated and extremely flexible being able to withstand all movement while lasting for at least 20 years. This is important because the people in these shelters will not have the resources to continually maintain them if a typical coat of paint was used which would need to be reapplied after 3 to 5 years.  Another feature of the Eco Shelters is their locking doors that will bring safety and security along with peace of mind during uncertain times.

Overall the ECO shelters are the best choice and we're hopeful to see thousands of these shelters brought in to quickly give comfort to the victims of this tragedy. Thanks for your continued effort and commitment to helping the less fortunate.

Best Regards,

George - Encasement Guy - GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.