After experiencing a major water leak on the second floor of my home, I was extremely happy to watch Eco’s red wood (Eco Red ShieldTM) dry faster than the untreated lumber that I used in some places of my home. I have the sound knowledge that Eco’s lumber did not have any issues with mold after the three weeks it took to demo out all wet flooring, drywall, insulation and finish trim. (See picture below).


I am moving forward with re-construction knowing that the Eco’s lumber is free of any indications of mold. Thanks Eco!


Home Owner - Coronado, CA


Thank you for your very informative presentation in Brick on February, 24, 2013. It is quite apparent that the Eco Building Products team has the experience, knowledge and commitment necessary to effect positive defensive building practices as part of the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

The passion displayed by CEO Steve Conboy and you were readily apparent throughout the presentation that included a short video and an extensive question and answer period with the audience. As an architect that specializes in mission critical facilities I can really appreciate what Steve and his dedicated team of professionals are bringing to the Jersey Shore. In particular, the Eco Disaster Break products (specifically the waterproofing, mold and termite resistance) appear perfectly suited to the relief effort.

I would highly recommend Eco Building Products to any homeowner or local builder who is looking to rebuild in a cost-effective, defensive manner (towards the future). I look forward to specifying Eco Building Products as standard practice on my upcoming residential projects.

Wayne Guskind, R.A. NCARB

Architect - Hillsdale, New Jersey

After meeting you last night at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club and listening to your presentation, I became very interested in your product.  Being a blue collar worker in the field of an Operating Engineer, I have to see how things operate.  I questioned the fire resistance of the wood.  So I put the sample piece of 2 x 6 that I received to a test.  I used a map gas torch to ignite the wood and was quite impressed by how the wood resisted extreme heat.

I have been a resident of the Breezy Point Cooperative for the past 42 years.  We are a very close knit unique community.  Everyone comes together to help each other especially in the time of crisis.  This time my crisis is beyond the help of my neighbors. 

After being so impressed with your product I would be honored to have my house built by your company.  I know by having a home constructed by your company, it would be built above standards and ecofriendly; two factors that are very important to me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Resident - Breezy Point, New York


I wanted to tell you I witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of the Eco Red Shield fire retardant qualities. As a safety manager for a general contractor, fire prevention on wood frame projects is a major concern. We had a situation where we had to weld a 1 1/4 inch all thread to an I beam which had been sheeted over with OSB sheeting treated with Eco Red Shield.  After a 2 ½ inch hole was drilled in the OSB and hot work procedures were implemented the welding began.  During the Arc welding process I noticed very little smoke coming from the OSB.  When the welding was completed the smoke subsided almost instantly.  The interior of the OSB board glowed red for a second or two and simply stopped smoldering. What an amazing product.  I would recommend Eco Red Shield treated materials to anyone involved with a wood frame project.
Eric M. Schuster

Safety Manager - At One of America's Top General Contractors



We're proud to announce that Eco Red Shield™ has achieved Low emissions of volatile organic compounds in compliance with UL 2818 for indoor commercial, educational, residential and healthcare environments. Tested in accordance to ASTM D5116 – Small Scale Environmental Chamber Determinations of Organic Emissions from indoor Materials and D5197 – Test Method for Determination of Formaldehyde and other Carbonyl Compounds in Air. Meets California 01350 limits for formaldehyde emissions.