Eco Red Shield™

Eco Red Shield™ is a revolutionary topical coating that provides lifetime protection against fire, mold, wood rot and termites on all wood components for builders, remodelers and homeowners – without using hazardous chemicals or formaldehyde. Our proprietary formula is a major breakthrough in lumber protection because we encapsulate environmentally friendly solids into the lumber that control moisture and repel wood’s natural enemies.


Eco Clear Shield™

Eco Clear Shield™ Protection is a major breakthrough in interior and exterior lumber protection and was designed specifically for staining. This revolutionary wood coating is topically applied with chemical solids controlling moisture protecting the wood from mold, termites, wood-rot and optional protection from fire.


Eco Disaster Break™

Eco Disaster Break™ is a Class A Fire Rated, UV Resistant, high performance, non-toxic, acrylic coating that forms a waterproof and seamless monolithic membrane. When applied to Eco Red Shield™ protected wood surfaces, EDB™ forms the most advanced defensive construction assembly available against water penetration, fire ignition, mold, rot and termites.


Eco Disaster Cleaner™

Eco Disaster CleanerTM Industrial Concentrated Cleaner is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and water-soluble for use on all types of interior and exterior building surfaces. Quickly and easily cuts through grease, oil, and dirt.


Eco Flood Caulk™

Eco Flood CaulkTM is a high solids, premium quality, water-based, non-toxic, low VOC elastomeric 100% acrylic caulk that contains no solvents. It is not flammable, like some solvent-based caulking compounds. It is excellent for interior or exterior use to bridge cracks, fill holes and feather ridges.  It is designed to maintain outstanding performance characteristics for many years, remaining flexible, weather resistant and well adhered.


Eco Trim

Laminated Eco Trim is protected on all six sides and available in any of our protective coatings providing a nearly inpenetrable barrier against moisture, mold and insects. It also offers an ultra-smooth surface for painting and a clean, finished look that builders and homeowners desire. And like all exterior applications, Eco Trim is all primed and ready for paint.