Monmouth Beach, New Jersey - Good Bones!


The bones of this home in Monmouth Beach, NJ will be protected by Eco Red Shield Lumber!

Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork - Eco Certified Partner


These guys are all trained as Eco Certified Partners now with Diplomas, and on our web site on our Partners Tab These are the people that create the demand, not the lumber yards, and not the wholesaler. This builder has 3 more homes and a 15 unit townhouse project going Eco this spring and summer.

Eco in the news - Featuring New Tacoma Facility


Enjoy the news! 

Where's the Lumber Protection?


This Builders either did not hear about Eco Red Shield Lumber or decided he did not care that his lumber was getting wet for months during construction. So, you have to wonder if the Owner would have liked the lumber to be protected by Eco Red Shield. 

Got Rain? Get Red Shield!


Eco Red Shield has no issues with the wet weather. "Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!"


In an effort to keep folks informed we've created a blog page so that I can tell it like it is - and hopefully educate people a little bit about our humanitarian projects, our products, the building process and with lumber in general.

I also will talk about some of the pitfalls new homebuyers face.  I've been in the lumber business my entire life and have a vast knowledge of how this industry has changed in the last 35 years.  We are here to change it once again with our revolutionary product: Eco Red Shield™ protective coating - developed specifically for today's lumber.