Don't Waste Your Money on Wet Wood


Don't waste time and money on wet wood! Wood products can last for a long time, but a basic requirement is using dry wood. Use a moisture meter to check the wood. Wet wood shrinks and warps when it dries, and of course it grows mold too. Never close in walls with insulation and drywall when lumber is in excess of 19% moisture content. Again, use a moisture meter to be certain.

Here are some quick facts about how mold works…

1. Contrary to green plants, the food source for mold is carbons extracted from the material the mold lives on. As mold extracts carbon, it destroys the carbon-containing substances: organic materials such as wood, wood-based products, as well as plastics made from petroleum products, building materials such as concrete and sheetrock. Mold infestation can have catastrophic consequences by weakening or destroying structural elements in buildings.

2. But the destruction of materials is not all that takes place. While digesting its food, mold releases toxic compounds into the air, which present a health hazards to humans living in mold infested houses.

3. And that is still not all. One mold colony can grow millions of spores to reproduce. When the tiny spores are airborne and dispersed throughout a building, they are inhaled by the people living in the building causing coughing, allergic reactions or asthma. People have become seriously ill from living in moldy places. The smell alone can be bad.

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Eco Red Shield Now Available at Builders' General Supply Company


Check out Builders' General Supply Company's website and their blog by visting this link:!blog/c175y

ECOB CEO Steve Conboy Interview with Ernie Anastos on Fox 5 NYC


Eco's Fire Protection & Opnions


Some say that Eco's protected lumber has no fire protection, while most agree that Eco Red Shield is fire resistant. So why don't you put a torch to Eco's KD Doug-fir next to a piece of raw (unprotected) KD foug-fir and you decide what kind of fire protection this defensive lumber has to offer.


In an effort to keep folks informed we've created a blog page so that I can tell it like it is - and hopefully educate people a little bit about our humanitarian projects, our products, the building process and with lumber in general.

I also will talk about some of the pitfalls new homebuyers face.  I've been in the lumber business my entire life and have a vast knowledge of how this industry has changed in the last 35 years.  We are here to change it once again with our revolutionary product: Eco Red Shield™ protective coating - developed specifically for today's lumber.