The Northeast Leads


Not only is the NE leading the US in Defensive Eco Lumber, but now they are leading the US in defending our great tradition for bringing a combustible tree in doors that can take your house down with one fire, if left unprotected.

Eco's Plan in the Northeast - Full Steam Ahead


Eco never changed its plan and is now full steam ahead in the NE.

A Message From the CEO


Hello friends and supporters of Eco Building Products, its Steve Conboy here. I'm writing to help you understand who we are and where we are headed as we close out another year and march forward to 2015:

First and foremost, my passion is to create change in the Lumber Industry and make an impact on the world; I also want the opportunity to build a “best in class” company. Eco could very well be the opportunity for both. Building a company like Eco Building Products “Eco” into what it is today on the operational side of things was sort of like constructing a ginormous puzzle! A puzzle where we had to take funding from short-sighted impatient money along with having to find and create the right products that the industry needs, but also the right markets in which to introduce new defensive value added products. In every product we developed we not only had to get  3rd party testing, we were also required to develop quality controls to support high volume production before pushing hard into the supply chain.

Our innovations [trailblazing] come from our years in the Building Industry and knowing if we solved the problem most want to ignore, that one day we would get the respect due to our company and product line. We did it because we believed we could deliver multiple solutions dedicated to solving problems that exist in most every wood framed structure.

Transformative social movements in the past have usually risen up around charismatic leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. But where are our visionary leaders now? By now we hope that you recognize Eco as one of those companies that can transform building in a positive way, that not only teaches builders how to build more defensive and safer buildings that can defends storms and flooding created by climate change, but also as positive impact on halting climate change by recognizing that we can no longer neglect things that are consuming billions of board feet of lumber. Things like termites, rot, flooding, mold and fire storms can now be defended with a technology that is safe to build the whole house, instead of just the sill plate.

Some popular movements show up suddenly, and die early. Others grow slowly, perhaps not even recognizing themselves as movements. At Eco, we stopped using raw lumber eleven years ago and we are calling this a movement – one that Builders, Architects and Contractors have joined us in as we continue to build in a sustainable fashion.

If you have not noticed, our force of Certified Defensive Builders, Contractors and Architects are growing, and they are requesting Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber on every job. This was our plan since inception and today we are growing within the supply chain because those that have created the demand are requesting our products. It’s a long season for us at Eco, and we are dug in deep into quality controls as we continue building our loyal following. 2015 is certain to be an exciting year.

Wet Lumber - Protected


This homeonwer said that they're happy their builder built with Eco Red Shield.

Wet Lumber - Unprotected


This customer wishes that their builder would have built with Eco Red Shield.


In an effort to keep folks informed we've created a blog page so that I can tell it like it is - and hopefully educate people a little bit about our humanitarian projects, our products, the building process and with lumber in general.

I also will talk about some of the pitfalls new homebuyers face.  I've been in the lumber business my entire life and have a vast knowledge of how this industry has changed in the last 35 years.  We are here to change it once again with our revolutionary product: Eco Red Shield™ protective coating - developed specifically for today's lumber.