It's Time to Change How We Build with Lumber

Since the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest is the only place on Earth where the Douglas Fir Trees grow, we have to consider the availability and sustainability of this noble tree.  The forest where we cut the Doug' Fir is in the best shape it’s ever been - especially when it comes to the carbon footprint, that’s because it’s in the first six years of a tree’s life that it removes the carbon from the atmosphere and produces the most oxygen. Reforestation efforts grow trees in 1/3 of the time Mother Nature can, and the trees grow straighter with less disease, because the forest is managed and fertilized.

This is all good news but there’s still one big problem: this new growth lumber (when left untreated) is more susceptible to the enemies of raw wood such as mold, wood rot and termites. It also burns much faster because its lighter and more porous than old growth  - making it more dangerous for homeowners and firemen alike. The one thing scientists can't replace in the reforestation process is the old growth timber. This is because each tree takes approximately 75 years to grow. The world has been harvesting trees from The Cascades since World War II and now there is a real shortage of old growth timber and veneers to make plywood. This means we have to keep up with the housing demands of the world by using juvenile lumber.

At Eco, we made it our challenge to figure out how to build smarter using juvenile lumber. Through innovative thinking and our revolutionary lumber coating we’re making building with lumber the best choice once again.

Eco Seismic, Wind & Flooding Protection

With the planet shaking from earthquakes and tornadoes showing up in parts of the USA/world that has never experienced these problems, Eco Building Products, Inc. is the leader in raising the bar on how we build residential homes using protected timber products. Eco has established affiliates to support the new way of building across the USA and eventually around the world. Eco new seismic walls can be installed into new homes and even remediation that will defiantly defend high wind loads better than normal wood framing. When it comes to flooding, Eco Red Shield™ will protect the lumber - making cleanup much easier because they simply replace the drywall and not the lumber itself. These products are now available across the U.S. so there is no excuse for your contractor to build with raw lumber any more.

Roof and Wall Sheeting: Plywood and OSB products need to be protected from the sun and rain. Eco has the solution with our cost effective coating now available nationwide at an affiliate near you. APA rated structural panels Plywood and OSB are rated for minimal exposure to the elements however not long term exposure to sun and weather. The UV and moisture can have real negative effects on the glues and the long term strength of the sheeting. These panels are expected to hold the house together against seismic movement and high wind loads. Eco Red Shield™ coatings protect the sheeting against these negative effects. Smart Components® Seismic Walls allow you to build a house stronger eliminating the exterior sheeting.

Termites and Carpenter Ants: A study conducted at UC Berkeley, CA indicated that the termite population is out of control. Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is protected from these insects before they eat your structure preserving the original engineer's design values. Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is protected by a topically-applied moisture barrier encapsulating non-toxic solids creating a barrier against wood-ingesting insects, mold growth and wood-rot decay and is a commercially rated class "A" fire retardant for structural performance on solid sawn lumber. Reference information can be viewed here.

Wood Rot: Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is protected from things like Wood-Rot and Decay before it even arrives at your job site. When lumber sits too long in lumber yards it can develop what is referred to as Unit Rot. Carpenters are not trained to be lumber graders therefore this silent killer will go unrecognized. There is no cure for Wood‐Rot in framing lumber other than to discard it. Engineer’s design buildings to withstand hurricane wind loads and seismic movement we have to insure the lumber going into the building is protected from Wood‐Rot because 5% Wood‐Rot is equal to 80% loss of strength.

Lumber is an organic natural food source for mold and has become a very noisy space with all the construction defect lawsuits in the USA. Mold issues are at the top of the list in all the claims. Eco and our team of advisors has now linked mold on lumber, which is coming out of today's forests, to many forms of cancer. Mycotoxin poisons are birth in the mold and get circulated in the ventilation systems we use in today's houses. Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is protected on all six sides of every board used to build or remodel your home with a treatment that kills existing mold already on lumber and provides prevention from future growth within the wall cavity. Reference information can be viewed here.

Comercially Rated Class "A" Fire Retardant: Fires are consuming millions of board feet of lumber per year and Eco is out to slow the ignition and reduce the flame spread. Our comercially reated fire retardant lumber protection reduces the smoke index to make buildings safer to exit during a fire. Eco Red Shield™ protection is cost effective so every homeowner can afford to use it. Many of today’s timber products are glued together because the forest can no longer produce mature trees to keep up with the housing demands. The glue and resins used in making these engineered wood products ignite extremely fast. Red Shield’s topical application is the only cost effective measure to minimize the spread of fire. Our QAI testing reports prove that our Eco Red Shield™ coating is safer to build your house with than unprotected lumber.

Smart Components® Seismic Wall: The newest design in wall technology is the only cost effective way to build homes to help prevent major damage in seismic and hurricane events. All our Smart Component walls are built using Eco Red Shield™ coated lumber insuring lumber strength values will be there when needed. Deploying Smart Components in your building eliminate all the guess work currently relied upon by the general contractor in the field to understand the concrete anchoring system and nail schedule. Smart Component® Seismic Walls are manufactured by Eco Building Products and E Build & Truss in a quality control setting to insure the engineering values even if they were being used in a place like Haiti. More information can be found here.


This sample of old growth Doug' Fir is over thirty years old (illustrated by the growth rings) compared to a new growth sample of a six year-old tree.


This sample of old growth Doug' Fir is over thirty years old (illustrated by the growth rings) compared to a new growth sample of a six year-old tree.

The black mold on framing lumber births poisons called mycotoxins which have been determined to be unhealthful to humans.


These seismic walls were developed and engineered specifically for for multi-story structures in seismic hotspots like California.

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