Steve Conboy President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Conboy, a native New Yorker, has over 35 years of experience in the framing, EWPs, and lumber industries. Following 17 years of framing, he began working with Trus Joist McMillan. During his tenure with Trus Joist, Mr. Conboy was transferred to Las Vegas to convert the market from Open-Web joists to I-joists. The successful conversion process required extensive training in carpentry and mechanical trades for the proper installation and penetration of engineered I-joists. In 2001, Mr. Conboy founded Framers Choice Inc. (FCI) in Las Vegas, Nevada. FCI teamed with Nascor Systems to capture the I-joist market in the western U.S. In 2003, he merged his company with a large lumber and EWPs manufacturing company. His framing background and engineered wood experience were applied to create the Wide and Deep floor system. Mr. Conboy’s creation provided customers with better performing floors, lower building cost, and reduced cost for homeowners. His desire to expand the company’s vision beyond floor joists and beams led to his buy-out in September 2005. Mr. Conboy revived FCI in December 2005 and, in March 2006, opened a technical office in Ontario, Canada. In the spring of 2006, he defined and branded his whole-framing package as the Frame Right System - which now has become E Build & Truss.
Eco was founded in 2007 by Mr. Conboy (as EcoBlu Products) because he saw a need for dramatic change in the lumber and building industry. As a builder and engineer, Mr. Conboy knew he needed to lead a movement – a change in the way we build with the juvenile lumber we harvest today. He knew he needed to educate people of the dangers of building with unprotected lumber, like mold, termites and wood rot. He made this message his mission and formed EcoBlu Products. EcoBlu has now evolved with better products, chemistry and even fire protection into Eco Building Products, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Conboy has developed and implemented a company expansion plan supported by a network of affiliates around the country, and new business (and relief) partnerships around the world. He also believes in building a company organically - from the ground up and his vision of growing management from within took less than three years to complete proving that through hard work and innovative thinking anything is possible.
Keeping in step with an intense desire to promote change and lead from the front, Mr. Conboy has taken his knowledge, leadership abilities and enthusiasm to the forefront of humanitarian operations both here at home and abroad. From the rubble in Haiti, to the flooded Ninth Ward in New Orleans; Mr. Conboy continually gives back as demonstrated by his recent involvement in New York and New Jersey in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. Founded on brick and mortar principles, Mr. Conboy’s innovative capacity, input and involvement into successive rebuilds speaks highly of his devotion to duty in making the world a safer place to live.

Mark Vuozzo Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Vuozzo began his career working several years in the semiconductor industry supporting Automated Test Equipment (ATE). Subsequently, he joined LTX Corp. (now LTX-Credence Corporation [LTXC‎-NASDAQ]), an ATE company, as field service engineer. Mr. Vuozzo worked with LTX for several years, including as an international field engineer based out of Woking, England. He left LTX to start MV Technical Sales, LLC (MVTS), which grew into an international company with revenues in excess of $25 million annually. MVTS has several offices worldwide and employs over 150 individuals. In 1999, MVTS acquired the rights to LTX’s product lines and became the only authorized reseller in the ATE industry. In 2006, Mr. Vuozzo sold his interest in MVTS to Babcock & Brown, a former global investment and advisory firm in Australia. He was introduced to Mr. Conboy, who was seeking funding and expertise to assist him with the growth of his company, Southern California Bluwood, in November 2006. After several months of working together, the two combined to reestablish FCI.

Eveline Tritsch Corporate Controller / Eco Companies

Ms. Tritsch started her career 22 years ago in the US Air Force in human resources and accounting at Travis Air Force Base, California.  She obtained her degree in accounting shortly thereafter. Ms. Tritsch also worked in real estate as an independent broker for about 5 years, but her love for accounting and HR never faded. She had various opportunities from supervising the securities lending division at M&I Bank to assistant controller for the private affairs of Mr. Pierre Omidyar, the founder of EBay. Once Mr. Omidyar moved his family and operations to Hawaii, Ms. Tritsch went on to work as controller for a helicopter tour company in Boulder City, Nevada for two years before Mr. Conboy invited her to be the controller for his public company in California.  They had met years before while both working in Las Vegas and she was employed at a construction company.  Mr. Conboy wanted someone he was comfortable with running his office operations and knew that Ms. Tritsch could keep up with his fast pace and keep the company compliant on the public side and the SEC.

Nathaniel Bruce Vice President, National Accounts

Nathaniel Bruce joined Eco in early 2012 after an illustrious 12-year career as a United States Marine. Mr. Bruce's professional experience encompasses a versatile background as an Emergency Services professional with technical education & training, and a wide variety of hands-on experience both here in the US and combat operations abroad. Additionally, Mr. Bruce served in a variety of notable leadership positions to include: Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Company Gunnery Sergeant, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force - Force Movement Control & Logistics Operations SNCOIC, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Black Belt, and Department of Defense Fire Academy Instructor. Mr. Bruce also holds degrees in Fire Science Technology, Instructor of Technology and Military Science. Since joining Eco Building Products, Mr. Bruce has held the positions of Strategic Initiatives, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Home Depot National Accounts Manager, and now holds the position of Vice President of National Accounts.


Eco is building inventories at our Colton, CA facilty to support our Builder's Program and new retail location in Vista, CA. We offer a complete list of products and services to help build your dream home.