This program was started by President & CEO Steve Conboy to reach out to home builders, in an effort to help families who are victims of natural disasters, and those in need around the world.

The pogram is simple. For every home built with Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber, we will donate one Eco Shelter to a family in need here in the U.S., or around the world in places like Haiti, Africa or Japan. The Eco Shelter can offer temporary shelter while families rebuild - but it can last well over 50 years, providing a permanent home for folks just as easily. The Eco Shelter is customizable and comes pre-cut and primed with everything but the paint.

We feel building with Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is something builders should embrace on their own - but by starting this program, we hope it makes it easier to get on board and learn why untreated lumber should be a thing of the past. The advantages of building with Eco Red Shield are too numerous for anyone to ignore.